Zilch - Future Friendly

When creating our collections, we mainly choose natural materials such as bamboo, viscose, cotton and blends of these comfortable materials.

We use organic cotton and organic viscose as standard for our jersey programs. We only work with factories that use environmentally friendly dyes and no aggressive dyeing techniques. We also attach great importance to the working conditions of the factory employees. The factories we work with produce according to the International Labour Standards. Each season, we visit our factories in Asia and Greece and have close contacts during the production process at contact.

a selection of clothing from the brand Zilch, all fabrics and dyes are organic and sustainable


Our Bamboo Basics is made of a silky soft knitted fabric from the bamboo plant. This plant grows quickly and regenerates from its own roots. Replanting is therefore not necessary. No pesticides, little water and little labour are used in its production. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This fabric breathes and can therefore be worn all year round, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Choose a nice colour in your favourite basic to complete your outfit.


Our cotton jersey tops and dresses are made from certified organic cotton. No genetically modified plants, fertilizers or pesticides are used in production. The fiber absorbs moisture and is therefore breathable. Cotton is a very durable fabric due to its high tensile strength. Lycra gives the fabric stretch and recovery capacity, making the garment comfortable to wear.


Our cotton knitting programme is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards. This certificate aims to ensure the traceability and integrity of the raw material and the production process. Choose a silky soft jacquard knitted jumper with cheerful flowers or go for a chunky knit basic in the cheerful colour 'Bottle' or 'Pink'. 


Lenzing® EcoVero™ Viscose is the sustainable variant of viscose. This viscose is made from wood pulp from trees from naturally grown, renewable and FSC or PEFC certified forests. These trees grow in Europe and the pulp is produced in Austria. The Lenzing AG company is focused on maximum sustainability. Chemicals used in the production process are reused, the bleaching of the pulp is 100% chlorine-free and there is 50% less emissions, water and energy consumption compared to other viscose.

clothing from Zilch, made with their Ecovero viscose jersey fabric