Fraas Sustainable and Recycled Fashion

Sustainability is like a perfect scarf - it has to make you feel good. 

Here, beauty is always reborn. At FRAAS we appreciate what the environment gives us: noble natural fibres for our scarves, the good Franconian water for processing and constant inspiration from the colours and shapes of nature. That is why we are particularly aware of our responsibility to protect the environment for the future. Now also with innovative raw materials: recycled materials that are reborn as new accessories. This is how scarves and shawls from FRAAS make the world a little more beautiful. Because every piece made from recycled fibres can not only save resources, avoid waste and protect the environment - it also comes with an extra helping of good feeling when worn.


This is the story we've been sharing for years, and these days, we can shout it a bit louder. Sustainability runs like a green thread through our entire company. Order managing directors, Alexander and Andreas Schmidt - now the 5th generation of the family - give you a little more insight.

Bye bye CO2

Our carbon footprint is already relatively low. This is ensured by clever energy and production management and extremely short distances through regional suppliers for many products. For example, our Cashmink® scarf is a true CO2 hero.
But there is something even better than little CO2: no CO2. Since the Autumn/Winter 2021 season, FRAAS has been offsetting 100% of the unavoidable emissions of all Cashmink® accessories and the Sustainability Edition (our scarves made from recycled yarns or yarns from sustainable sources) through an international climate protection project.

Our Sustainability Edition: What does that mean exactly?

Beauty is created from sustainable yarn and from passion. Our sustainable collection showcases recycled materials (post-consumer) and materials from renewable and sustainable sources. Recycled polyester, recycled cotton, recycled wool, recycled viscose and FSC viscose, Lyocell (Tencel) and much more are used.

Beauty is born again and again here.

We process recycled materials that are thus reborn as new accessories. This is how scarves and shawls from FRAAS make the world that little bit more beautiful. Because every piece made from recycled fibres can not only conserve resources, avoid waste and protect the environment - it also comes with an extra portion of good feeling when worn.

An amazing transformation.

In nature, caterpillars turn into magnificent butterflies - we make colourful fabric out of empty PET bottles. This recycled polyester saves up to 53% energy compared to conventional manufacturing and can itself be reused again.

From old to new.

Have you ever wondered what will become of your favorite jumper when it's worn out one day? Maybe a scarf! Wool and cashmere are given a second life at FRAAS. The valuable materials are separated by colour, dissolved into fibers and spun into new yarn.

The best of the leftovers.

With every t-shirt, fabric scraps are left over in the production process. What actually happens to it? We have an answer: leftovers from textile production serve as the basic material for brand-new fashion. Cotton, for example, is sorted by color, shredded and made into yarn for fresh fabric.