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Bamboo Bat Sleeve Top

  • $100.00

Loose-fitting sweater with a round neck and bat sleeves. Thin ribbing at the bottom and at the sleeves.

Our bamboo basic knits are skin friendly and sustainable. Bamboo is comfortable to wear and suitable for all seasons. Cool in summer & warm in winter. As the bamboo plant grows fast and regenerates from its own roots, it doesn’t need to be replanted. No large amount of water, pesticides or labour are necessary. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and has natural antibacterial qualities. We combine bamboo with lycra, to give it stretch and more recovery ability. Brighten up your day with our spring-summer colours. 

To avoid pressure marks after washing, do not overload the machine and take out the garments quickly to dry after the program is finished. You can lay them to dry or use a tumble dryer.

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