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We're Moving Info & Update

We're sure you're wondering what exactly is happening with Butter Studio!

The answers to all your questions are right here.

Yes, you've read it correctly, we've moving out of our retail location! It's been 10 great years, and it's time for a change.

Where can you still shop with us? Online! 24/7!

Where will your shipments be sent from? What if I have a return? Will you be local? The answer is: we will be operating out of an office and showroom, closer than you think 😉  We know you want to know exactly where and when, but that info will have to wait for our next email. In the meantime, don't miss out on our amazing moving sale! Help lighten our load as we navigate to the next chapter and location.

Some housekeeping:

The last day to shop in store is February 12, 2022

The last day for online order pickup is February 11, 2022

We'll have our hands full with packing up and moving, so shipping will be unavailable from February 14-18, 2022

Private shopping appointments are available after hours, upon request. Please email to arrange yours.

The best way to reach us is

If you have a handwritten gift certificate, now is the time to use it. If you're holding out for something special, we can swap it out for a digital one. If you're looking for other accommodations, please reach out and we will come up with a solution.

Finally, as government mandated, we are still sticking to 50% capacity. Please wear your mask and be mindful of your time, so everyone can have a chance to shop! If you're not ready to shop in person, the sale is now live and our website is open 24/7. Curbside pickup or delivery is available at checkout.

Thank you to everyone who read all the way to the bottom! Your continued support is immensely appreciated!